Suspended Sprayers

Suspension sprays for amateur or professional use with rods for best spraying results. Also sprayed herbicide sprayers for optimal quality and time and money savings

Herbicide Sprayer

Vinegar Srayers

Turbine Sprayer

Open Rack Sprayer with ramp

At Agromag you can

Construction of a new machine

The construction of a new machine is the process that will take place at Agromag's premises, and with its highly trained staff and modern equipments it provides its customers with economical and durable machinery for every farmer.

Repair your machine.

Agromag can repair any type of agricultural machinery as there is a service department on its premises and can manufacture any type of replacement that will be needed to repair your equipment.

Close to the farmer

The machines built on our premises include the whole range of equipment you need for agricultural work by providing the farmer with detailed design and resistance to the difficult conditions required by agricultural work. Also the machines are manufactured according to the needs of the costumer and meet all specifications.σύμφωνα με τις ανάγκες του πέλατη και πληρούν όλες τις προδιαγραφές.